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Two check-ups per year
Most homeowners fail to maintain their equipment twice a year as required by manufacturer.  Having a system checked twice a year maintains the manufacturer’s warranty and enables us to identify minor problems (like small refrigerant leaks) before they lead to expensive repairs.  Having your system checked by Extreme Comfort Htg. & A/C allows us to track its performance through a detailed inspection report made on each service visit. 
If a reading appears abnormal, we will have the ability to compare it to readings from prior visits.
15% Off  all parts and labor
Routine check-ups maintain tight connections, proper charges, and keeps moving parts lubricated to sustain the maximum life expectancy of your system.  Unfortunately even the best maintenance won’t prevent wear-and-tear.  This is why we provide our program customers with a discount on all repairs
Outdoor coil cleanings are included
Dirty outdoor coils reported by EPA can cause operating cost to be as much as 20% greater than systems with  clean coils.
Since the average cooling cost for the Atlanta area is approximately $1500 per year, a 20% loss in efficiency means you may be wasting
as much as $300 each year. This is why we provide chemical coil cleanings as part of your plan to ensure your system will be operating at peak efficiency all summer long.
   24 hr. emergency service
Because we know how important your comfort is, that is why we guarantee service within 24 hours with low rates and no trip charges for our program members.
When you call for service we don’t require you to stay at home all day.  We Schedule our calls in 2 or 3 hour windows and will call to confirm approximately 30 minutes prior to us arriving at your door.
 10% Off new system replacement
 Depending on brand and efficiency rating a properly installed system can range from $5500 to $12,000.00.  Our  program customers receive a 10%discount off the entire installation cost (an average savings of $550 - $1,200) easily covering the cost of the program.          
Referral program
 Program members are eligible to begin earning credits towards program renewals 
or repairs.  Ask for more information on how to start earning your credits today.  Referrals from you that lead to 
system replacements will receive a $100 prepaid visa card  for your support in growing our business.
Extended warranties
 *All replacement parts carry a life time parts and labor

*Parts and labor warranty is for the life of the system which is considered  to be 15 years from the date of manufacture.
    1 UNIT
     2 UNITS
    3 UNITS
    4 UNITS
    5 UNITS
    1 YEAR 

Charges for accessories items:

  1. Mechanical air cleaner media replacements $59.00
  2. Electronic air cleaner media or cleaning $72.00
  3. Humidifier water panel replacement $45.00
  4. Dual fuel systems  $55.00
  5. Zone control inspection $45.00

*Senior citizen discounts on repairs only.